You Cannot Escape From God: A Primer on Evangelism

You Cannot Escape From God: A Primer on Evangelism

Author: Dennis Prutow
Publisher: Westminster Evangelistic Ministries
Binding: Paperback

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We live in a day and age when evangelical Christianity emphasizes personal evangelism, calling all believers to share their faith in their respective circles of influence. While good fruit has certainly resulted from such an emphasis, there has been a void in the broader church in communicating a biblically reformed vision for local, church-based evangelism. This void is the very need that Dr. Dennis Prutow's You Cannot Escape From God seeks to address, and helpfully resolves . . . While much can be said about the overarching principle of church-centered evangelism and outreach, one of the greatest strengths is the practical how-to portions of this work. For instance, Dr. Prutow's treatment of the apostle Paul's testimony, its structure and breakdown, has been the basis for several teaching opportunities, workshops, and training sessions on "how to prepare your testimony" which I have led. These have all been met with great responses from the congregants in attendance. Rev. Keith Evans Associate Pastor Reformed Presbyterian Church Lafayette, IN

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