Westminster Confession of Faith: Journal Edition

Westminster Confession of Faith: Journal Edition

Author: Nathan Eshelman, Shawn Anderson, Kyle Borg, Joel Wood
Publisher: The Jerusalem Chamber Press
Binding: Paper
Pages: 348 pp

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For the first time ever, the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646) is available in a journaling format!

The Westminster Confession of Faith remains one of the most enduring summaries of biblical truth and continues to be the teaching of Presbyterian churches throughout the world. B.B. Warfield said this confession was the richest and most preceise and best guarded statement ever penned of all that enters into the evangelical religion. Far from being an irrelevant relic of the past the health of the church depends on continuing to pattern its doctrine, worship, and piety after it.

The practice of spiritual journaling has long been valued as a way to promote understanding and apply the truth to one's Christian life. The Puritan John Flavel wrote: I can only judge that it is the concern of Christians who have the time and ability for such a work, to keep written memorials or journals Not collecting and communicating such observations, greatly impoverishes not only ourselves, but the Church of God."

This unique edition, provided by The Jerusalem Chamber Podcast, combines rich biblical truth with the practice of journaling. Readers will find each paragraph of the confession printed on top of the page with accompanying Scripture references. Included is sufficient space to provide readers the opportunity to reflect on these biblical truths in their own words.

This volume is perfect for the church or classroom, and for any who want to continue to grow in a love for the Bible and its timeless truths. We invite you to journal along with us and pattern your doctrine, worship, and piety after the humble advice of the Assembly of Divines.

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