Understanding Biblical Doctrine: A Workbook in Theology, RP

Understanding Biblical Doctrine: A Workbook in Theology, RP

Publisher: Crown & Covenant
Binding: Paper
Pages: 109

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This workbook takes you to the Scriptures to find what God says about Himself, creation, man, sin, the plan of salvation, the Christian life, the Church, the sacraments, and more. Because of its simple and inductive approach, it has been a popular workbook in theology with new believers, communicant students, and mature Christians for more than 25 years.

The RP edition offers lessons on Reformed Presbyterian distinctive principles, such as exclusive psalmody, instruments in worship, and meditorial kingship. Fill-in-the-blank study. Junior high through adult. Includes a new appendix containing the Westminster Confession and RP Testimony.


Download the pdf version of the RP Leader's Guide here.

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