The Scottish Covenanters (eBook)

The Scottish Covenanters (eBook)

Author: J. G. Vos
Publisher: Crown & Covenant Publications
Binding: eBook
Pages: 237pp

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“The God-centered faith of the Covenanters is desperately needed. God is not dead, but His terrible judgment hangs over a nation that treats Him as an irrelevant private matter.”  —J.G. Vos from the 1980 Preface

The Scottish Covenanters, first published in 1940, provides an overview of Covenanter history, detailing important people, events, and issues.
Vos shows that the Covenanter’s strong-held belief in “the Divine Right” or “the Rights of God” is now more important than ever."
Includes J. G. Vos’s original preface, and postscript from 1980.

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