The Real Church: A Commentary on I Corinthians (Imperfect)

The Real Church: A Commentary on I Corinthians (Imperfect)

Author: Gordon J. Keddie
Publisher: Crown & Covenant Publications
Binding: Hardback with sewn binding
Pages: 393 pp

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The church at Corinth was a real church, struggling with many of the same issues of your average congregation today— family concerns, disputes, liberty of conscience issues, immorality and discipline cases, head coverings, and questions about giving, to name a few.

Beloved Bible teacher Gordon Keddie brings to life the wisdom and practical counsel of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian church. Keddie shows that the epistle's advice is down to earth, but yet is offered in the heavenly context of our hope of the Gospel, our unity in Christ and our expectation of the resurrection.

Read 1 Corinthians with fresh eyes. See what a difference its teachings can make in your life and the life of the real church.

Look for Keddie’s The Real Christian: 2 Corinthians coming soon.

 About the Author

Gordon J. Keddie is the author of many commentaries on Bible books and books on biblical themes. He pastored four Reformed Presbyterian churches for over forty years from Indiana to Scotland.

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