The Pilgrim's Progress

The Pilgrim's Progress

Author: John Bunyan
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Binding: Hardcover with jacket
Pages: 408

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Although John Bunyans Pilgrim emerged in Puritan dress from the Town Prison on Bedford Bridge in 1676, he has remained to this day, in more than 120 languages, an influence across the globe.

Many explanations are offered for the books enduring appealthe masterly allegory which can charm both child and adult; the great humanness of the characters who, after a few rapid strokes, appear in flesh and blood likeness; the plain, vivid Englishand yet all these things are secondary.

Above all, Pilgrims Progress is a life story. It depicts the life which Bunyan himself lived and, at the same time, the life with which all Christians can substantially identify themselves. For, as Augustus M. Toplady wrote, the book describes every stage of a Christians experience, from conversion to glorification.

This re-typeset edition of Pilgrims Progress is based on the edition published by John C. Nimmo in 1895. It includes marginal notes and Scripture references, together with the fine etchings by William Strang.

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