The Book of Books: The Value of the Scriptures in a Day of Bible Bending, Bible Breaking, and Bible Believing (Imperfect)

The Book of Books: The Value of the Scriptures in a Day of Bible Bending, Bible Breaking, and Bible Believing (Imperfect)

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The Book of Books is a collection of essays about the primacy and vitality of the Word of God. The clear message is to love, to know, and to follow God's written Word. The book was first assembled in 1978 to honor J.G. VosBible teacher, Reformed theologian, pastor, and missionaryand his passionate work for God's kingdom.

Contributors include Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Cornelius Van Til, J.G. Vos, and
John H. White. New to this edition: a photograph section; a new preface; an
introduction that explores the effects of Voss time in China on todays
burgeoning Chinese church.


Geerhardus Vos and his renowned son Johannes G. Vos have
left a lasting legacy that continues to shape biblically-minded
Presbyterianism. J. G. Voss father, known as the father of Reformed Biblical
Theology, was blessed with a son who not only defended the Bible and Biblical
Christianity, but whose life and ministry also manifested the beauty and power
of Reformed Biblical Theology. As a scholar, a missionary to Manchuria, and an
educator, J. G. Vos showed his profound commitment to the Bible. To him, the
Bible was nothing less than The Book of Books. These articles edited by John
H. White bring together scholars from the past and the present who not only
value the Scriptures as did Vos, but who also reveal the rich continuity of
faith and life that links the Old Princeton, Westminster Theological Seminary,
and Geneva College. This is a must read for those who cherish the Presbyterian
heritage of Biblical fidelity, devout scholarship, and global missions.

Dr. Peter A. Lillback, president, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

J.G. Vos is a classic. So republishing this 1978 book is timely. As a bonus, Jack White has added an introduction about Voss 1930s missionary service in China. That chapter of his life might have looked like a waste, after the Japanese, then the communists, drove out the missionaries. White shows how the church was driven underground, then exploded in visible growth in recent years. Vos is known as a great theologian. He also planted important spiritual seeds still multiplying now.

Russ Pulliam, Indianapolis StarWORLD magazine

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