The Battle for the Biblical Family (EBOOK)

The Battle for the Biblical Family (EBOOK)

Author: George C. Scipione
Publisher: Crown & Covenant Publications
Binding: eBook

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eBook edition. Please note that you will be able to download the item to your computer then transfer it to your device.

Many Christian families do not function very differently from those in the homes that surround them. Yet, Christians are called to daily reflect and represent the glory of God. Families are essential building blocks for this kingdom work. The family as a unit is not immune to this call. Indeed, families ought to be at the frontlines of kingdom work.

This book, a second edition, explores the biblical view of the family in a systematic way. Scipione studies the Bible in order to study the family. When Gods revealed standards are the framework for the familys godly development, blessings overflow to individuals, future families, churches, and society.

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