Solace: Selections From the Book of Psalms for Worship (Download)

Solace: Selections From the Book of Psalms for Worship (Download)

Author: Tim and Connor McCracken with Kaylee Parish
Publisher: Crown & Covenant
Binding: MP3
Pages: 20 Tracks

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Who gives comfort in affliction? Who offers consolation in the depths of despair? When we are persecuted or in pain, where can we find help? Find the goodness of God in these psalms that lead us to ask him for help and reassure us of his nearness and strength. Solace is a new CD that will fill your heart with hope and courage as you wait upon the Lord.

20 psalm selections from The Book of Psalms for Worship recorded by Tim McCracken, Connor McCracken (Son), and Kaylee Parish (Daughter). Includes Psalms 6A, 23B, 27B, 27D, 28B, 28C, 30A, 32C, 41C, 42B, 46B, 61A, 64A, 77A, 77B, 138A, 139A, 139B, 139C, and 139D.

You can download the lyrics from Solace here.

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