Running the Race: Eric Liddell – Olympic Champion and Missionary

Running the Race: Eric Liddell – Olympic Champion and Missionary

Author: John W. Keddie
Publisher: Christian Focus
Binding: Paper
Pages: 256 pp.

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His eyes were on the prize. For Eric Liddell, there was only one race to run and only one glory to gain: the glory of God.

The name Eric Liddell is a familiar one to many, having gained much fame through the film Chariots of Fire. A Christian athlete and missionary, his passion for his Saviour could be seen throughout his life. 

As a sport historian and an advisor for the Chariots of Fire movie, John Keddie is well qualified to document Eric Liddell’s life. With an impressive depth of understanding, Keddie’s biography spans his university days in Edinburgh, sporting achievements at the Paris Olympics, mission in China and internment at Weihsien POW Camp.

In this engaging account of this man’s extraordinary journey, Keddie takes readers beyond the heart of sport to the heart of life.

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