Redemption, Reconciliation, and Reformation ***Plus Political Danger***

Redemption, Reconciliation, and Reformation ***Plus Political Danger***

Author: Alexander McLeod D.D.
Publisher: Crown & Covenant
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 405

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Alexander McLeod (1774–1833) was a celebrated writer and well-known abolitionist leader in his time, but the body of his work has been inaccessible to the modern reader—until now.  

Comprised of 18 writings, Keddie's volume gathers McLeod's work into three categories. 

"Redemption" offers gems about intimacy with God and careful exegeses of Romans 8:18-23 and 9:22-23. 

"Reconciliation" includes an examination of Christ's atonement and its reconciling effect, as well as an essay on how the work of pastoral ministry is a ministry of reconciliation. 

In "Reformation," you'll discover McLeod's important essay on the kingship of Christ and another on his call for the end to slavery—an 1802 tract that was published repeatedly in 11 editions up until the Civil War.


Political Danger  also edited by Gordon J. Keddie

James R. Willson (1780-1853) was a Reformed Presbyterian pastor, theologian, and seminary professor known for his politico-religious activism and philanthropic efforts. Political Danger presents a number of his essays (many never published before) written between 1809-1838. Though these articles address the political controversies of the time, they are nevertheless remarkably compelling and fresh today.

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