Psalms of Praise (Download)

Psalms of Praise (Download)

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41 selections from The Book of Psalms for Singing. Great for newcomers to psalm singing. Recorded in studio by Geneva College's New Song ministry (9 voices). Psalms included are: 1A, 4B, 8B, 15, 22I, 23B, 25A, 27A, 32C, 34A, 40C, 44A, 45A, 47A, 48B, 51B, 67A, 73C, 78A, 84A, 84B, 94A, 96A, 100A, 103A, 104D, 118C, 119B, 119M, 119X, 121B, 122A, 127A, 131, 133A, 135B, 139A, 145C, 147A, 148, 150B. 70 min.

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