Presbyterian & Reformed Life Series Five-Book Set

Presbyterian & Reformed Life Series Five-Book Set

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Friendly but substantive books on Presbyterian and Reformed distinctives,

especially for the layperson.

Faith of Our Fathers: A Commentary on the

Westminster Confession of Faith  (Wayne R. Spear)

Concise book to help understand the Confession written over 350 years ago. Provides the right amount of history; and commentary unveils its treasures.

Biblical Baptism  (Frederick S. Leahy)

This book provides insight into the privileges and duties of parents in the baptism of their children.

Sing the Lord’s Song: Biblical Psalms in Worship  (John W. Keddie)

An easy-to-read book about singing the Psalms in worship. Thoughtful and respectful, it answers frequently asked questions.

Joyful Voices   (Dennis J. Prutow)

Drawing on his experience as a seminary professor, Prutow examines Scripture and biblical history to help you appreciate even more the praise offered by the lips of God’s people, showing the significance and beauty of a cappella singing in worship.

Christ’s Covenant and Your Life  (Gordon J. Keddie)

The author says, “[In the Covenant] we have the basis, pattern, and motivational power for our daily and lifelong obedience to Jesus Christ, the Mediator of the Covenant….This is the fixed point from which our personal world must move.”

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