Prayers of the Bible: 366 Devotionals to Encourage Your Prayer Life GIFT EDITION

Prayers of the Bible: 366 Devotionals to Encourage Your Prayer Life GIFT EDITION

Author: Gordon J. Keddie
Publisher: Crown & Covenant Publications
Binding: Leatherette
Pages: 764 pp

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Prayer is something we find challenging at the best of times. Yet prayer is the preeminent medium in which we bring ourselves before our Lord and Savior. Coming daily before the throne of grace is vital to every Christian's life. The fruit of more than thirty years of prayer meetings undertaken in the congregations Keddie pastored, these two-page meditations on prayer serve as a means of grace. All the main prayers of Scripture are included, as are many of the passages that teach about prayer. Each day offers a balanced diet of praise, prayer, and the ministry of the Word and will encourage you to commit to the consistent exercise and enjoyment of prayer.

"Starting your prayers can be like starting a cold diesel engine. Gordon Keddie's brief devotions are like glowplugs for the soul—just what we need to ignite heart-warming prayer and propel our spiritual lives through the day."—Dr. Joel R. Beeke, president, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

"Good daily devotionals are surely among the most useful books a Christian can own....This is a book that will make an excellent aid to personal or family worship."Dr. Carl R. Trueman, professor of church history, Westminster
Theological Seminary

Also available in a paperback edition. Visit this link for more information.

Since the cover has no color in the embossing, we match with no color unless requested to use gold or silver.

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