Maturity: Growing Up and Going On in the Christian Life

Maturity: Growing Up and Going On in the Christian Life

Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 248 pp.

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What are the most important lessons the New Testament has to teach us about being a Christian?

Sinclair Ferguson shows that a deep-seated concern of the writers of the New Testament was to see Christians grow to spiritual maturityand if that was the concern of the first believers, then it should be a concern of ours, too.

In clear and logical chapters that are rooted in the reality of the Christian life, the author, who has had long experience in pastoral ministry and seminary teaching, seeks to show what Christian maturity is, and how it is to be obtained.

It was the apostle Pauls desire to present those to whom he ministered mature in Christfor such a maturity would lead to stable, servant-hearted Christians, and healthy, fruit-bearing churches.

All those who desire to live useful, mature, and consistent Christian lives will gain much wisdom from reading and reflecting upon the contents of this book.

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