History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America 1871-1920

History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America 1871-1920

Author: William J. Edgar
Publisher: Crown & Covenant Publications
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 232 pp

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In History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America 1871-1920, learn:

  • How the persecuted Cameronian remnant of the Church of
    Scotland held to Second Reformation orthodoxy in the new United States, spread westwards
    in lay-led Societies, and established their own institutions of governance, education,
    and social welfare.
  • How the Reformed Presbyterian (Covenanter) Church denounced the American Constitution for its protection of race-based slavery and also for its godlessness, endured much unpopularity, but nevertheless affected American society deeply.
  • How in 1871 the Covenanter Church in an America drenched in sin signed a covenant with six commitments, then quarreled bitterly in 1891 over conflicting applications of two of them, and, by 1920, shrinking in size, lost interest in its covenant.
  • How from 1871-1920, hundreds of Covenanter preachers, teachers, and doctors took the gospel of peace to freedmen in Selma, Alabama; Chinese and Jewish immigrants; Comanche tribesmen; Syrian Alawite villagers; peasants in South China; and others.
This is a well done and much-needed popular history of the period covered, with a very effective preamble covering the earlier existence of the church that was the focus of David Carsons work. Only the author could have tackled this subject, as one whose roots, experience, and gifts uniquely and eminently equip him for the task. I look forward to the second volume, covering 1920-1980, from the same hand! Gordon Keddie, RP preacher and author

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