Enter His Presence (CD)

Enter His Presence (CD)

Author: New Song
Publisher: Crown & Covenant
Binding: CD
Pages: 24 tracks

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New Song, Geneva College's music ministry, sings 24 psalms a cappella in traditional and modern settings. Debuts Dr. Robert M. Copeland's composition for Psalm 2, "Why is Everybody Getting So Bent Outa Shape?" Also includes favorites "I Will Call Upon the Lord," "The Lord Brought Zion's Exiles Back," and "Yet Evermore I Am With Thee." Contains 15 selections from the The Book of Psalms for Singing and four from the Trinity Psalter. Includes Psalms 95:1-4, 126 (126A), 31:1-6 (31A), 113, 127(127A), 23, 107:1-9(107A), 2, 96:9-13(96B), 92, 32:1-7(32C), 32:8-11(32D), 102, 135:1-7;19-21(135B), 93(93A), 73:1-12(73A), 73:13-22(73B), 73:23-28(73C), 33:1-11, 6(6), 18, 121, 72:16-19(72C), and 89:52(89I). 42 min.

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