Book of Psalms for Singing (Imperfect)

Book of Psalms for Singing (Imperfect)

Publisher: Crown & Covenant
Binding: Cloth (Hardback)
Pages: 473

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Slightly Damaged cover. May have crossed out embossing.

The most popular English language psalter because of its comprehensiveness and singability. Originally published in 1973, The Book of Psalms for Singing has been used by congregations, families and individuals for nearly 40 years.

Over 425 selections include all 150 Psalms in their entirety. Many psalm passages are set to multiple arrangements. Settings include many familiar hymn tunes, traditional tunes, some original arrangements and a few chants. Translated from the original language into English meter for singing. Includes 4-part music for each selection and 5 indices.

Many companion materials are available, including the Improving Our PraiseDVD.
Download our list of familiar hymn tunes used in the psalter to help you in your singing!

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