Reformed Confessions Harmonized

Reformed Confessions Harmonized

Author: Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, Eds.
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Binding: Paper
Pages: 304

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For the first time ever, seven historical Reformed confessions in one single volume! Drs. Beeke and Ferguson have harmonized seven important Reformed confessions into a convenient parallel arrangement.

The seven confessions were produced by three different strands among the European churches. From the Dutch-German reformers came the Belgic Confession of Faith (1561), the Heidelberg Catechism (1563), and the Canons of Dort (1618-19). The Swiss churches contributed the Second Helvetic Confession (1566). And the Scottish-English tradition was set down in the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646-47) and the Larger and Shorter Westminster Catechisms (1647). The unique feature of this volume is the editors' arrangement of the various confessions in parallel columns under the traditional subject headings of systematic theology. Readers can compare the formulations on particular points of doctrine, such as the Trinity, justification, Christian liberty, and baptism. Includes a historical introduction by the editors and an extensive bibliography.

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