I Have a Confession

I Have a Confession

Author: Nathan Eshelman
Publisher: Crown & Covenant
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 138 pp.

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In your town, there are probably many churches saying they follow the Bible, yet they worship very differently and take different positions on big issues. How can we find a church that promotes right thinking about the Bible, encourages unity with truth, protects us from error, and helps us proclaim the good news? That is the heart of confessional churches and being a confessional Christian. This book is an introduction to confessions and what they’re supposed to do (and not do), focusing on the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Author Bio:

Nathan Eshelman pastors the Orlando Reformed Presbyterian Church in historic downtown Orlando, Florida. He prepared for ministry at seminaries in Grand Rapids, Mich. and Pittsburgh, Pa. He writes for Gentle Reformation and Meet the Puritans and co-hosts the podcast The Jerusalem Chamber. Nathan is married to Lydia and has five children.

Grassmarket Press/ Bedrock Series

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