God's Awesome Grace

God's Awesome Grace

Author: Bennett Broadway
Publisher: Winepress
Binding: Paperback

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"God's Awesome Grace" contains a clear presentation of what the Bible teaches about human sinfulness, God's sovereignty and covenant dealings with the human race, the saving work of Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing God's chosen ones to new life in Christ.

Three sorts of readers will find this book helpful. 

1) Those (like Nicodemus) who are not yet converted but who are interested in thinking about and discussing philosophical and theological questions. The book concludes with an appeal for such persons to trust in Christ for salvation.

2) Christians who have been taught and have embraced an Arminian understanding of salvation. This book will challenge them to rethink their position in light of the Scriptures.

3) Christians who embrace the Reformed and covenantal understanding of salvation, but who need help in articulating the biblical basis for their faith.

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