Psalm Teaching Tape Vol. 2, MP3 files (Download)

Psalm Teaching Tape Vol. 2, MP3 files (Download)

Publisher: Crown & Covenant
Pages: MP3 files

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Learn how to sing parts for The Book of Psalms for Singing arrangements. The first verse is sung once in unison, then repeated four times with the soprano, alto, tenor and bass emphasized respectively. The second verse is sung in unison. This is an effective way to learn parts at your own pace. Only available in MP3.

This download has the following psalms from The Book of Psalms for Singing: 56, 62B, 63B, 72D, 76A, 89E, 89F, 95B, 117B, 119P, 120, 122B, 129, 135B, 137, and 146B.

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